We've got your back (and the muscle, and the truck!)

Von's is ready to help you with a variety of needs, with same day service available!

Do you need that old fridge out of the garage? 

Call Von's!
Are you tired of looking at that outdated big screen tv you can't lift or fit in your vehicle? 

Call Von's!

Would that grandfather clock look better in your basement but it's too heavy for you to move down the stairs by yourself?

Call Von's!

Eyeing that gorgeous antique hutch on Marketplace, but don't have the means to pick it up? 

Call Von's!

You didn't know the new desk you bought came in 20 parts? 

Call Von's!

Your new mattress was delivered but it's too heavy to carry to the bedroom and get out of the box? 

Call Von's!

Prices are based on labor and weight.
Minimum dump fee required on all dump runs. 

Von's will donate and recycle any applicable items.  

Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9-6

Sunday by appointment only.