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  When you're packing

  • Tape the bottom of your boxes

  • Fill boxes so they can close and tape shut

  • Be aware how heavy you're packing boxes, movers use hand-trucks, but without proper reinforcement, a box can still break out the bottom. 

  • Avoid using thin plastic bags or paper sacks

  • Keep a path clear so movers can easily get in and out

  • Wrap breakable items

  • Mark the location of each box to help you and the movers determine where it goes upon arrival to your new residence. 

Moving Day

  •  Wake up early

  • Clean out fridge/freezer.  Dispose of or place items in coolers.

  • Have beverages and snacks on hand, it's going to be a long day! 

  • Tip your movers for a job well done. 

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